Margarita Flavors

Strawberry, Mango, Banana, Peach, Raspberry, Blue Curacao, Melon liqueur, Sangria, Coconut, Pineapple

Casa Imperial Cuervo Rita

Our Classic Cuervo Margarita made with Jose Cuervo Especial Gold or Silver with sweet & sour Gran Gala
Req. 9.99 Jumbo 14.99

Emperor’s Margarita

A delicious and unique melt down worthy of an Emperor made with our frozen margarita

and Hennessy VSOP Cognac

Chambord Margarita

Frozen Margarita topped with ;1 shot oi Chambord Black Raspberry liqueur
Req 9.99!jumbo 14.99

Beer Rita

Served with your choice of
domestic 12.99 Import 13.99

Mexican Flag Rita

Frozen margarita swirled with strawberry and melon liqueur

Imperial Rita

Frozen margarita topped with shot of Gran Gala liqueur

Platino Mojito

Our delicious Mexican spin to a Cuban Mojito made with our ultra premium Cuervo Platino, fresh lime, fresh mint leaves, simple syrup and a splash of club soda

Classic Mojito

Born in Cuba, this mambo dancing cocktail is cool and refreshing. Made with Myers's Platinum and fresh mint leaves

Tequila Sunrise

Made with JC 'Traditional Reposado, orange juice, and Grenadine served on the rocks

Long Island Iced Tea

Jose Cuervo tequila, vodka, rum, gin, triple sec, sweet 8r sour

The Classic

A royal treat: Crown Royal and Coke 6.59 Upgrade to Crown Royal Black

The Other Classic

Rum and cola, but now upgraded to the new Captain Morgan Black and cola or lemon lime soda, an excellent choice! (In a snifter or with your favorite mixer)

Piia Colada

Myer's Platinum Ruin, Pifia Colada mix

The Traveler

Get the oak taste of Johnnie Walker Flack Label Scotch in a cocktail mixed with cranberry juice and a splash of lemon lime soda

Black Planters Punch

Captain Morgan Black Rum, lime juice, Grenadine and a touch of simple syrup

California Lemonade

Smirnolf Vodka, Hennessy VS Cognac, gin, orange juice, lime juice, simple syrup, Grenadine and a lemon wedge

Limonada Azteca

Cabo Wabo Tequila Blanco, Blue Curacao, cranberry juice and Patron Citronge

Tequila Cosmo

JC Tradicional Silver, Grand Mariner, cranberry juice and a splash of lime


Made with Ketel One Orange, Cointreau and cranberry juice


Don Julio Anejo Best premium tequila in Mexico* Grand Marnier, agave nectar and fresh lime juice

El Mejor

Ultra Premium Family Reserve Platino Silver Tequila with Contreau, fresh lime- shaken on the rocks


Jose Cuero Silver Tequila, grapefruit soda, salt and lime

Skinny Rita

Made with JC Tradicional Silver The oldest most authentic Tequila in Mexico* Patron Citronage liqueur Our healthy Skinny

is made with agave honey and lime juice
Sm 9.99 lg 14.99 xl 28.99

Royal Margarita

This margarita is, specially made with the great flavor of Crown Royal Black Whisky, sour mix and Triple Sec, Absolutely

delicious and different (no tequila in it)

1800 Gold

1800 Reposado or Blanco shaken with Gran Gala and fresh lime


Sauza Hornitos Reposado blended with fresh lime and Gran Gala Liqueur

El Grande

Ultra Premium Don Eduardo Blanco, fresh lime and Countreau served on the rocks

El Loco

Smooth blend of Herradura Blanco Tequila, fresh lime and Patron Citronage liqueur

Melon Rita

Corralejo Silver, fresh lime, Patron Citronage, organic agave nectar and a splash of Midori liqueur

El Patron

Premium Patron Bianco -Tequila shaken well Patron Citronage, fresh lime and pomegranate liqueur.

Agave Nectar

Premium Tres Generaciones shaken with fresh lime, organic pure agave nectar and a dash of Grand Marnier

El Milagro

Milagro Blanco Tequila shaken with Patron Citronage, fresh lime and pomegranate liqueur

Cherry On Top, Red California

Deliciously sweet, intense berry fruit flavors perfect for sipping wine
BIG 6.59 BTB 20.00

Beaulieu Vineyard — RV Merlot, California

Intense fruit flavors, hints of dark chocolate. Medium-full bodied,
juicy and deep (good with slightly spicy Mexican food) BIG

Beaulieu Vineyard BV Cabernet Sauvignon


Beaulieu Vineyard – BV Pinot Grigio, California

Citrus, lovely aromas of green pear and grapefruit
BTG 6.99

Uppercut Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley

Flavors of key lime, nectarine, melon and lemon grass. Citrus finish goes well with salads, fresh veggies and seafood
BTG 7.99

Beaulieu Vineyard — BV Chardonnay, California

Apple pie emanate from Chardonnay followed by baked pear, vanilla and toasty oak (creamy pasta or roasted chicken)
BTG 6.99

Classic Martini

Gin,Dry Vermouth, Olive garnish

Tequila La Martini

Jose Cuervo Silver, dry

Vermouth garnished with

a green olive

Ten Grand

Made with Tanqueray No. 10 Gin, Grand Marnier, pineapple

and fresh lime juice.

Mint Lemonade Martini Punch

Made with the newest flavor of Belvedere vodka "Lemon Tea", simple syrup, lemonade, lemon juice, a splash of club soda garnished with fresh mint or lemon slice

Ten Fresh Martini

Made with Tanqueray No.10 Gin, simple syrup and fresh lime juice. Super refreshing!

Miller Lite


Shiner Bock

Bud Light

Coors Light

Michelob Ultra


Corona Extra

Negra Modelo


Tecate light

Modelo Especial

Carta Blanca,


XX Dos Equis Lager




Grand Marnier Centenaire

This rare blend is the perfect balance between essence of tropical oranges and rare French cognacs mainly from the two most prestigious production areas in the Cognac region: Petite and Grande Champagne.